Hello all,

Having always loved the tunes being on since born, I have a deep passion for music and want to share it with as many people as possible. At Rewired Music I hold live events and more, providing the opportunity for anyone to get involved, whether showcasing talent or assisting with lighting.
I am also a singer/ songwriter and play drums and guitar, so basically live and breathe MUSIC. me hehe.jpgWith the dabble in idea creation, a spot of baking and huge love for teas, animals and the outdoors I am massively creative, so never know what will be round the corner really…….oooo squirrel…..
Ermm ooo yeah.. So if you are also interested in music, business and the live scene this is the place for you! Expect various music happenings, the odd lyrics and random ramblings about my whereabouts and who I have met on route. Cheers.

Em @ RM


I strongly remember karaoke and car trip singing, dancing to tunes and playing instruments around the house alongside, painting and business idea generating. Sharing with friends and family, creativity became a huge passion of mine, so whilst at school I had Saxophone lessons, jammed away on the drums and often tapped the table and strummed the guitar whenever had the chance. Alongside which, I sold sweets on the bus aged 14 and created many ideas from Mega Mag, Hobby World, Burger Cafe to Jewellery.

Feeling the business buzz I went to University and studied Business Management and Computer Science, whilst enjoying various extras (Dodgeball, Aber Live and Zumba). I then undertook Camp America over summer, where I worked in Camp Seven Hills’ kitchen and came up with the idea of Travelling Workshops. When got back as president of Aber Live Society, I had the chance to push music involvement, whilst doing a Rewired Music Workshops website and database dissertation. 20 Open Mic Nights, 10 Music Quizes, 5 Events and 2 Jamming Sessions later, I was awarded “Society of the year 2013″and begrudgingly, handed it over to the next committee as graduated.

Old school aber live!.jpg

I continued to believe in giving people the chance to play/ hear music, so I worked to save capital and researched the viability of running it as a business. Then playing and helping out at the odd Aber Live Open Mic Nights, led to the amazing opportunity (in March 2013) of taking it on as Rewired Music! During which, I did Showcases and Open Mic Night Competitions at Rummers Bar, Gigs at Rafa Club, Coopers and Rugby club, Workshops and more. Utilising O2 Think Big funding, Somewhereto_ I gained experience and led to Big Ideas Wales, where had strong inspiration of business development and came up with the moto PLAY IT YOUR WAY!  Workshops became a chance to record and decided to merge comedy and music creating Gigs & Gags which went really well. Over 2014 summer, I assisted Oxjams Open Mic, Music On The Train (Vale Of Rheidol steam train) and a great gig at the University (Oct 2014). This led to taking on Music on the train, alongside getting acts booked at Scholars every Thursday and was all going really well.

Then after an amazing New Year collaboration with Funkd, I realised I wanted to interact across more locations aiming to assist rural musicians. So around June 2015 I passed Open Mic on and our weekly gigs at Scholars ended, giving time to re-plan. I continued Music on the Train and had C&M at Cardiff, Aberystwyth Museum and Carmarthen, which went well. Now with reassessment and strong wish to encourage creativity and development within the music industry, we shall be holding numerous gigs at various locations, offering booking assistance for acts and sharing our blog/vlog – RM Unplugged (YouTube). So where ever you are “JOIN THE JOURNEY!”

Big Ideas Wales bootcamp with music from Lost Like Alice


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