Calum Duel’s latest, Lost Like Alice – “There” and Music on the Train.

I remember many moons ago getting to enjoy CALUM DUELL’S music, live at an 2nd Oct 2015Aberystwyth Union event, where he came over and gave me a CD. Since which I have been extremely curious to his whereabouts, because after just one listen I was extremely hooked. I saw him perform at Varsity (now called The White Horse), heard the joy of his music on Bronglais Radio and that he had been to hundreds of various places from Hive at Aberaeron to all around Scotland! Then more recently hearing he was playing another gig at London and was launching his new CD (22nd April), I am so excited to find out more about the latest.

Hello Calum, I hear you have been to various places. How is travelling? Where’s your favourite place?
“Hey Emily! Yea my life has been non-stop travelling and touring since I started back in the summer of 2012! It’s a strange sensation doing so many gigs that you forget 90% of them and find it hard to remember them even when being reminded! But it’s all an amazing experience and I always tell people I’m very lucky to be able to have a full time job doing something I totally love doing! As for my favourite place, I’d have to say… I could never choose! As I’ve had a lot of incredible nights all around the country!”

Calum pics2.png

I was so glad to hear about your new CD launch. How did the evening go?
“Yes! Thanks very much! It was an unforgettable evening! I’d say it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever done! It was a different kind of launch to the norm but it was great! It was held in my living room, filled with about 50 fans, friends and family members! I played an hour and a half set of originals with the full PA and lights show set up! It was the coolest night ever! As for the album I’m really really proud of it! The music I’ve released in the past had always been a mix of genres and styles, which is great because I’ve needed to experiment and find my way and discover the musical avenue I’ve wanted to go down! With this new album, I’ve found it! It’s pure rock! With influences from Led Zeppelin, U2, Jane’s Addiction etc…”

What are the songs about?
“Tell you what. I’ll do a brief breakdown of every track on the CD! 
1) IN THE BLUE – Being tired of different people in the industry telling me what I should look and sound like. A 20th May 2016rebellion song if you like.
2) THE BOY WITH THE DREAMS – A fictitious dark love story about a boy who falls for a girl who in real life couldn’t be further from everything he believes in, But in his mind she’s perfect, so he’s stuck with conflicting emotions.
3) ALONE – After being stabbed in the back so many times by musicians and other people it’s better to be alone. A bitter song obviously exaggerated and not necessarily true to my own personal experiences.
4) WHAT A WASTE – A song purely based on a strange dream I had a while ago about a certain historical figure shooting me. Very bizarre dream which got stuck in my head and just so happens to make a very dreamy Pink Floyd esque song.
5) YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME – This one is about getting very disillusioned with the whole music industry, and about everyone thinking they know everything about me, then I sing about turning it all around and getting the fire back in me.
6) OUT OF SIGHT – A song about life, all the different temptations you have to try and avoid along the way and realising how quickly things can change.”  

Where did you do the recording?
“I’ve had a lot of experiences in top music studios over the years like The Who’s ‘Grand Cru Studios’, The Strongroom, but this entire album was recorded at home in my living room! What’s great about that is having the freedom to do what you want when you want, without booking any studio time in! A lot of people frown upon the idea of home recordings, but I am all for them! With today’s technology you can record a quality sounding album just about anywhere. The biggest part is having good people to work with, who have imagination and their own sound, so you get different experiences and styles coming together. All songs on the album were written in a totally different way to anything I have written before. All the tracks (par The Boy With The Dreams) were the product of 3 people getting together and having 20 minute jams, then condensing them into 3-7 minute songs. All in all, a great experience.”

Calum pics.png

Where else will you be showcasing your talent?
“I’m continuing to perform all over the UK at various festivals, venues, events, functions etc”

Do you have any other plans in the wait line?
“I have got a lot going on behind the scenes right now, none if which I can reveal at present sadly! But it’s all very exciting stuff!” 

What are your 3 inspiring points for artists out there?
1.      “Learn to love and grow from mistakes.”
2.      “Do things at your own pace, don’t follow the crowd.”
3.      “Don’t ever think you’re good enough, always strive to be better!”

Well, I am so glad to hear about the progress of Calum’s music journey and that there is more to come! Can imagine he has learnt a lot along the way, with all the gigs and experiences he has undertook, whilst exploring various genres. Now knowing he wants to focus on rock is great and having the flexibility to record at home too, must be brilliant. It reminds me of hearing via a friend that Kate Bush recorded some parts of her songs in the kitchen due to added depth. Home sweet home ey.

21st April 2017

I have enjoyed listening to IN THE BLUE”, which utilises a great integration of various instruments creating power. Alongside, showcasing the irritation of being let down in a creative way, the use of guitar and background vocals builds up a mystery feeling, as if curious yet resistant with various amazing effects. I am hooked. “WHAT A WASTE” that has a very mellow and calm root and builds steadily with various additions. Leading to a magical feeling flutter towards the end, where all of which has definitely represented the thereafter interpretation of the dream extremely well. Then “OUT OF SIGHT” starting out with great guitar and background vocals adds depth, where all of which expresses a heartfelt view of difficult situations. Additional use of vocal effects leading to a shaded calm part, adds even more essence of curiosity, all ending well with a brilliant fade out.
Overall, it’s outstanding the progression that he has achieved and how he showcases the rock elements and more in his tracks. I’m totally mesmerised by the depth, with use of his raw voice and integration of high talented instrument variety. Can’t wait to get hold of his CD and see him performing live! Go on, join in and keep a look out for amazing tunes from Calum Duel:


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LOST LIKE ALICE @ Carmarthen

We held our first gig at Carmarthen Park Lodge out in the sunshine, with an amazing set from PLATFORM1, who I remember first booking in 2013 at Aberystwyth Rafaclub. Time flies ey. Am so glad to hear they are now here and there, with addition from bass player (Will), performing their great mellow meets rock tunes.Platform1.pngThen LOST LIKE ALICE from Anglesey played some amazing original tracks, that recently found out he will be launching a few on “Thread” EP, June 2nd!! After a sandwich and picture session, I fancied a challenge of filming him with my new mic attachment. He ended up playing “There”, which is steady with a raw strength, capturing the idea of someone running. Have a watch and listen >> Lost Like Alice – There.

Lost Like Alice

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Am so glad to say it is nearly time for the great Vale of Rheidol Music on the Train again! This time with LIVE music from Three Legg’d Mare, Anchors and Sails, Kieran Bagnall and myself with a fresh name, Louise and the Feathers, whilst travelling and admiring the fantastic natural scenery! Then at Devils Bridge can grab a brew and/or have a gander around, so go on JOIN THE JOURNEY! Chooooo choooo.


Many thanks!
Em @ RM


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