Music is my muse!

Have had the most inspiring few days.

Thursday, had George Higgins and Garin Fitter booked in at Scholars to find out we had doubled up with Aberystwyth Christian Union and Pancoustic. We managed to squeeze both events together, meaning I got to have a break, drank tea, ate pancakes and wrote some words, that I hope to be songs some day. Watched and listened to some great local talent LIVE, with George and Garin playing to the hundred CU goers, which made for a real win win.    /////



Friday after day at work, managed to practice guitar and worked on 3 new songs. One reminds me of Technologic, old school Daft Punk. “touch it bring it babe!” Need a reminder?


Saturday brought The Paperclub and Arms Like Legs at Coopers! Such a chilled out vibe with paper everywhere so can doodle ooodles of doodles of whatever floats ya olive. This particular event showcased some live acts too, so got to see and hear Arms Like Legs rock it out up close and personal. Big Joe Bone also managed to get a last minute slot and as always showed us his amazing multi tasking skills! Really want his stomp shoe. #birthdayisinjune ///


Sunday Beacons organised their very own gig at Angel in association with Rewired Music, to raise money for recording a single in studio. We decided to cut two trees with one chainsaw, so I arranged a live filming session while they practised. Huge thanks to the help from half of @roughion – Stephan Woodruff and my flat mate – Lexie. Cant wait to see the finished vid. #rewiredsessions

9pm I warmed up the gig with some oooooos and aahhhhhs setting the scene for Sucker Chump, Big Joe Bone until beacons headlined. After a bit of Sucker Chump’s speedy numbers I ran over to open mic night round 1 at Rummers and played for 20 mins where “Rich Tea Biscuit” got a shout out! I wonder if anyone will ever guess what is actually about.

Walked back over to Angel and caught the end of Big Joe Bones amazing bluesy chooooones, where he showcased some relaxing slow numbers on banjo, harmonica and guitar! Had to quickly announce the winner at Rummers Open Mic = GARIN FITTER, before it was time for beacons, who in one word ROCK! They played the tracks off their first EP with some brilliant new material. Crowd cheered and moshed along while drum fills, guitar shreads and insane vocals that filled the room. With a brief instrument swap it can safely be said that they are 3 talented lads. Trying my hand at their sound (all the re verb) was definitely the drum fill in this weeks Genisis. “du du du du dududu I can feel it coming in the air tonight!” //// /// ////

Next time at Angel 19th FEB –

Next Open Mic –

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

“So basically, been a busy bee,
but so worth it, gotta understand me
See what I do it all for? Its never a chore,
When there are smiles, dancing and of course
everything musicly sourced!
Music Music Music
Music is my muse!”

Em @ RM


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