Letters making words

So what’s been occurring since last paragraph of letters?

Noisey neighbours (Thurs 12th)

Blues Indie band from Aberdyfi, Pretty Visitors, where booked in at Scholars Pub for the regular Thurs gig, with the anticipation of some groovy beats and huge cheers. 30 mins in, turns out they rock so hard that after numerous phone calls, the police came asking us to make themDSC_0107 quieter. Haha. Too loud….. really? Shutting the curtains and continued acousticaly, but really?
Have a listen on – soundcloud //// youtube /// facebook

Does make me wonder why do people live by a pub where they can hear everything? Surely sense tells us, inevitably near a pub, there will be loud people, and hermmmmm…. the odd LIVE music event. Not a silent disco. It is all fine when people sing at 12am leaving after one to many, but the live band that’s booked 9 -11 is some how louder and affecting TV time. I say come out and join the fun, stop moaning about it! Puts pubs and organisers in the awkward situation of wanting to put music on and people wanting to see (and hear it), but that one neighbour is annoyed……every time….. even if it is a soloist triangle player (which I so want to see happen one day). It reminds me of the good old RAFA club days, when the same happened and events where postponed/ cancelled.

“One person with letters and words, affecting our noise, because we are supposedly affecting theirs, but they made the choice, to live by it all, not our fault, our expressed letters and words, are sang to be shared, not put on mute.” Emily Farr

Live on air

RBFM invited beacons and I to talk on Bronglais Hospital’s one and only Radio station. Since it was pancake day they provided us with sustenance – Lemon and sugar all the way! I then got to chat about the happenings at RM and play a couple of songs. This time Mill Pond and Faded Away. Funny how when live on air play songs slightly differently. In the moment I guess.
Then to follow beacons played a couple of live acoustic tracks with double guitar and vocals. Alongside discussing their plans etc turned out to be a great evening.

Check it out here –   soundcloud /// Website

All the drum kits (Thurs 19th)

Two gigs at once made for a rather interesting evening. Laszlo Xavia playingDSC_0233 his Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran and Passanger influenced songs at Scholars and a rock ensemble made up of Harry Randle Marsh (RBFM’s Moonlight marsh), Porcelain Spiders, All Becomes Clear, beacons and Roughion doing their thing at Angel.

Was rather amused when I arrived to set up and saw 2 drum kits with another on the way. Normally fighting over the one. Would have loved a drum off…….next time. Unfortunately I had to man the door, so only managed to catch a bit of all the acts (at Angel) popping in and out. What I did get to see was fantastic and could sort of hear on the door so got to bob along. All becomes clear came to us as part of their tour and sold me an EP, so cant wait to give that a listen. All acts defo worth a listen to be fair –

https://www.facebook.com/porcelainspiders // https://www.facebook.com/AllBecomesClear // https://www.facebook.com/beaconstheband  // https://www.facebook.com/Roughion  // https://www.facebook.com/harry.r.marsh

Got few minutes to swing by Scholars to pack up too and heard the end of Laszlo Xavia’s set and drag them all over to Angel 🙂 Marvellous – check it out – https://www.facebook.com/LaszloXavia

– – – – – – – – – – – – – 


SCHOLARS – 5th Greg Brice // 12th Stu Hampton & Jack

THE STARLING RADICALS – 21st March @ Coopers Arms Aberystwyth. https://soundcloud.com/starlingradicals  //  https://www.facebook.com/events/292711370853315

Other letters and words

Some random words I thought may become lines in songs –

“Is judgement of others, just repressed fear of being judged ourselves” // “High on life, high on air” // “Its not an end it’s only another the beginning!”

LaTF facebook

Play it your way!
Em @ RM


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