Mood in music

MOOD definition – (noun) a distinctive emotional quality or character: The mood of the music was almost funereal.”


I have found myself drift though all sorts of music over the years. Starting out with my moms’ collection of “the good old classics” including Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers and Hazel O’conner, to friends and band members influences. Guns & Roses, Bullet For My Valentine, Foals, Nightwish and Talking Heads to name a few. Always paying attention to the charts and buying FAR too many CDs (if too many is a thing… isn’t) To the current phase of Paloma Faith, Ed Sheeran and Paolo Nutini. This all lead to my passion for music and continues to inspire me. With the inability to pin point genres and styles, whenever asked what is your favourite……? the only thing to say is “depends on ma mood, but like everything and think anything can be an inspirational influence”.

Paolo Nutini – Autumn Leaves –


 As a musician we get asked what is the music you aspire to play…….my answer… I want to play music for the sake of music! What ever my mood at the time I write and play to express that particular feeling. Often altered with progression of ones feelings and mood on the night, live vibe. Being a part-time actor can help, bringing out your deep darkness, sadness, energy in only a few words. Audiences adding to the atmosphere and emotion, one just does….. Music for music’s sake.

Make your own verdict –


Recently I have re-found my love for Rock music. Heavy, angry, loud, fast, energetic, racket….whatever you wanna call it really. For me it has recently opened my eyes to energy and expression used on stage making for a greater presence. Putting everything in to it from a place of truth and often pain to express inner self and move the room. Inspiring, powerful and emotional.

I was lucky to get the privilege of seeing Ashes to Angels at The Angel – of all places and was blown away that I bought their album. Got it signed and everything. Here is my thoughts, my mood, my opinion, my view.




TRACKS : Six Six Six, The Wake, 1708, Bury Us In Black, Heavy Word And Hollow Bones, Still Dead, Run, Mary Jane Kelly, Living Hell, Reason To Stay.

GENRE: Synthy-Goth-Punk

BAND: Crilly – Singing/Synths // Nico – Bass/Singing // Jim – Drums/Singing // Adam – Guitar/Singing10661895_10152753245438774_5882501470017211626_o

At the gig the lads looked the part and put so much in to their performance I wasn’t sure if their album would capture even half of this energy, but from track 1 – 10 I have found it truly encapsulates all of Ashes To Angels’s essence. Showcasing their true emotion, energy and passion for what they do, you can’t just listen, it makes you feel. With memorable lyrics, occasionally spoken or shouted to add feeling. Melodies that get you hooked, the odd drum fill and powerful synth, guitar and bass combos there is no need to skip. I hear elements of AFI meets Bullet For My Valentine, which can only be a good thing (for me anyways) the ATA have utilised their influences and made it their own.  The vocals so raw, with added harmonised backing vocals, the songs blend well and have been put together to make an amazing need to buy album! Personally have had it on repeat since bought it….so not addicted…. Cant wait to see what is to come of these chaps!

“I wanna live forever. Live forever!” – Track 4 – Bury us in black  //

Emily Farr Rewired Music


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