Power of Balance


In my opinion, balance is something everyone should experience in life. Noooooo not standing on one foot. I mean not letting one thing get in the way of another. Like work & play / mind & body/ carrots and kebabs …. Everything in moderation = balance. Ying and yang.

Fast food every day is going to make you ill, as is 35 bananas.


Experience – The DETOX

I found this by being on both edges of my own scale, should always listen to yourself…. I had put on weight, drinking, eating rubbish and feeling rubbish. Constantly ill and tired, with numerous allergies and roller-coaster mood swings. I’d had enough…. so was drawn to exercise, which made me feel much better but wasn’t regular and I still had allergies. A friend introduced me to Juice+, where for a month we went vegan, dairy and gluten free. Yep shakes  and leaves, for a month! So, eating great and feeling great with more energy and less allergy symptoms, I realised the massive benefits. Plus, lost a stone and said fair well to the eczema….. finally!

So all marvellous, UNTIL……the challenge was over….and suddenly I could go out with friends again, eat meat (i.e) KFC and drink normal milk in my numerous teas…. springing back like a yo-yo to the original rubbish and feeling the punch, I decided a balance was needed to maintain healthy living long term. Not limiting, but being careful. SO how does this link to music you may ask? Well, I believe everything we do in life links to our creative side, our emotions and the way we express…. so in toe it effects our music. (Plus, singing mid sneeze, with a blocked nose is pretty crap, so defo not going to be eating cheese!) With more energy I was able do more things easily, meaning more to write about. Performing live takes it out of you too, so great to have more feel good vibes for that.


Another experience – The QUESTIONS

I have never liked answering questions about my music, so when I was playing at a Bay Radio 24 live studio show and got asked what my influences were and how I got in to music? I simply did an on the spot generic artist and quick thought up response. I have never really had one specific influence, one inspiration, one role model. The usual main stream artists like Beyonce, Rhianna etc put me off as I never felt it was about the music, so thought nothing more of it. Until the day I realised how much being creative, expressing my thoughts and feelings through music and words meant to me. Wanting to share this with as many people as possible, I had to get to the bottom of the WHY…?

Tea + biscuit = LIFE!

After much thought…….procrastination……tea and biscuits………I ended up at LIFE. I am influenced by everything and anything around me. The journey I have been on has brought me music and will continue to influence it. The objects we see, sounds we hear, people we interact with and emotions we feel, all have an impact on how we perceive things and the music we make. Therefore, I want to maintain a BALANCE (back to the point….), to avoid the chance of falling off the edge….like Humpty dumpty…..failing to maintain focus and drive. Experiencing extreme energy highs followed by a dramatic energy slumps. Much like a roller coaster…..without maintenance… will eventually result in a burnout.

Some of these extreme experience can be utilised for creative material, but over a long period of time will run out. Burning a candle at both ends to finally be nothing. Feel nothing. So its okay to have fun, eat the odd burger, but also go for a run and hug a random stranger. Basically enjoy yourself, but do remember to maintain balance…..and then write and sing about it.



Walking on eggshells, we worry, we fear.
Yet showing on the outside, no truth, no tear.

Life can have stress, a challenge, a wage.
A mess we hope is washed away, turning the page.
I say its time to embrace and fight.
Find what you believe and make it right.

Its okay to have fun, eat the odd burger,
but also go for a run and hug a stranger.

All life is, is a number of tests,
could overwhelm to the max
or find a balance and simply relax!


Emily Farr

Play it your way!

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