Its been those 5 years….

Scene – 19 years old. Started a blog, “Letters make words” (never…), which again didn’t last long as I had other commitments.

It’s a scary thing to contemplate…I mean the whole reason for the future is for it to be a mystery, a surprise with anticipation and determination to seek and reach a goal then look back at it when it’s past. Right?
So the question I ask….do we ever really reach it? Like the saying tomorrow never comes. Pretty true when you think about it (Today – Wed), as when it is here, it will change (Thursday), we then call it present and have a different tomorrow, the future.
Many seek to know what’s going to happen in their future, is it destiny, fate or coincidence. Whether it be spiritually, sufficiently, through religion or by planning. It all adds to us getting an idea of the future and what it could/ will be (or at least an interpretation).
Imagine what your’s will be? in 5 years, Who knows….could be a millionaire, could be abroad, working hard, playing harder, still in Aber (admit it….happens to all of us). 10 years (crikey I’ll be 29 – now that’s scary) who knows…

Imagine knowing what child you are going to have, 
knowing what name you give,
knowing you have 2 months left to live, 
knowing you have to go to the doctors next week.
All telling us about the future, the mystery.
what we aim to seek…Imagine it. Imagine knowing.

DSC_0023 (200x133)

Now stop, think – how much of it all is actually going to happen, no matter how much you plan it to – want it to, just can’t be certain. Who knows what opportunities, chances, choices and people will enter our lives. We just have to be ready to take on anything when comes round the corner. All things will change our future. so who knows what it will be.

O what a mystery
the future is
what will happen
we just can’t see
we can only predict, give a guess,
but not be fully

we can have an idea
but not know for sure
this is not for definite
just a reassurance of your

we just got to hold out and see
something we are not sure of
this mystery

a variety of chances
and an opportunity, or two
what will become
of everything around
the things we see, the things we do

So basically, enjoy now in the belief it will lead you to the “destiny” you are meant for and hope any dreams or ambitions you have, are met on the way. And then when you think back, it will be done. Those 5 years that seemed to take ages to pass will be 5 years ago and provide experience, lessons and moments to cherish forever. Can look back and see what we have achieved and take on another 5.

Few words from letters make words.
over and out


—————————- THE END ———————

Hahaha funny really…… especially how I wrote this 5 years ago!!

Also words from the George Sandifer-Smith meant could play around with this: Where did the years go




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