Revisiting the vision and believing.

The year has passed and I have realised so much about the way I was, what it led me through and the things I learnt along the way. More understanding of my passion, vision and creativity within music and business, I am now more focused than ever and finally believe. So wanting to encourage and assist others to do the same here is an insight!



Having allergies and many colds, flues and tired moments it became ‘normal’, so I didn’t expect to realise I was in hospital a week later and be told (numerous times) I had Viral Encephalitis. I found my memories slowly returning, revisiting the past ups and downs with a realisation explosion of my passion for Rewired Music. Making me smile and feel extremely excited, I finally realised that things had happened and been achieved, even if they led to a stage of change. The lessons and progression viewed as a path where battling various steps, rather than consistently asking what if it fails and not fully committing. Now being more focused and determined than ever, rather than thinking “well if this/ that works…” or “nah can’t do that, no point”… I am going to plant my seed and grow the tree to spread the leaves.DSC_0040

Alongside all this, I remembered the need of being creative, by singing, song-writing and guitar/drums/saxophone jamming. So rather than hiding, I have finally home recorded
and shared my songs, which I originally had planned Nov 2014. I am more aware of how much it originally took me to face the stage and realising the importance of following deep rooted passions, I want to share with others via words and tunes, as doing what love is extremely important. Re-reading my previous blog where I mentioned, “should work out what want and DO IT” made me remember that finding ones preferred path and giving it a go, even if it doesn’t happen overnight, is better than a chair of caution.

Fallen  leaf
Demo EP recorded at home to get opinions, led to 4 mastered thanks to Steffan Woodruff @roughwoodrecordsFallen Leaf EP. Now got Studio booked in April @ Aberystwyth Music Studio!

So yeah, after many months of remembering, re-reading and re-planning the Rewired Music path, whilst doing Music on the Train and Big Ideas Wales Bootcamp as Young Ambassador, alongside finally giving my EP songs a chance, the year has flown by and with roots in the ground for my tree are ready to grow stronger than ever. Even with moments of anxiety, elements of uncertainty and occasional memory quizzes, it will not stop me, as finally believe I will achieve! Then eventually will be BELIEVED by seeing what’s achieved and received!


I holding Music on the Train again (May 31st and October 8th), alongside getting back into writing a monthly blog, where I now intend to interview amazing musicians and let you know what else is going on within music and business. This leading to Em @ RM vlog, with live sessions alongside, C&M (comedy and music) and Acoustic events across various locations!

Music On The Train with Grace Hartrey Oct 2015
Music On The Train with Grace Hartrey Oct 2015



I have read a few books that have encouraged the awareness of knowing yourself, what your idea is and getting help were needed. Check them out:

Positive Psychology
 by Miriam Akhtar shows that focusing on situations optimistically helps you overcome down positive psychologydays as “you will find your mood lifts naturally, your confidence, resilience, positivity and strength (will) grow”. Having ways to relax, via meditation, breaks will help to solve problems alongside, rewards to assist in realising what’s been achieved. Have heard numerous times it takes 3 positives to right a negative, so when stuck or worried, maybe write the 5 amazing things happened recently. Plus, Then when people don’t get why you’re doing a business or want to be a musician, or you feel a little stuck in a rut, knowing you are heading towards something positive, believing in one self, means you’ll be more determined and will make it work a step at time. Waterstones – Positive Psychology

James Caan bookThe Start you business in 7 days book by James Caan jumpedJames Caan book 2
out at me whilst roaming the library. Whilst reading I wrote notes about how to figure out whether an idea will work and making it happen even when got to test the water. Seeing how to try it out and not be concerned if it doesn’t work, as will learn elements and can always keep it as a hobby and pursue a different business venture.

James Caan – Start Your Business In 7 Days

The Introvert Entrepreneur by Beth Buelow, magically reappeared at the library and I remembered reading it before hospital, so was meant to be! It is an amazing perspective of focusing on quality over quantity via a step at a time. Even when being shy and more personally orientated, Beth shows ways to get your business working. Saying it is okay to take breaks when networking, encourages doing more research preparation as “to be prepared is half the victory” alongside, adding to the team.

Then the latest I have read is From Passion to Profit by ClairePassion to Profit Hughes. If you are starting out or assessing your business plan or even ways to sell music, then check this out! It starts out with “imagine your dream business” orientation making sure is a passion. Then utilising weekly workshops you can build your awareness of what your idea involves and ways to make them happen and prepare for launch. Having vision, communication and an understanding of what needs to be done (e.g. pricing) is a brilliant way to prepare and increase the chances of long-term success especially when passionate. 
Passion to Profit @ Amazon

play it your way.jpg

Em @ RM


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