Adam Sale’s latest, RM @ Carmarthen and Aradgoch’s summer project.

I first met ADAM SALE at Aberystwyth, where he, Ben Howarth and Alvin Dawati performed as The Modern Age Mariners (The MAM). They got involved in many Rewired Music events including Open Mic Night Competition and C&M, whilst booking their own across the 3 years of University. blogtop.pngNow a year on, Adam’s back in Birmingham as an independent solo artist, where he has recently launched THE DAWN EP!

So let’s find out how it’s going and what else is occurring…

Hello Adam, how has it been back in Birmingham?

‘Hi Em! To be honest, I’m loving being back in the hustle and bustle of a large city like Birmingham. It’s very different from Aber, but I felt I was ready to return after 3 amazing years studying in such a special, quite unique town.’

Adam Sale EPWhat were the inspirations behind each song on the EP?

‘Each of the 6 tracks on the EP have a completely different inspiration and story behind them:
1) ‘Evil Eyes’– Is about how you can be drawn in by someone’s beauty, particularly their eyes (which I find myself drawn to), but underneath that person isn’t what they  I had a couple of experiences like this years ago, so there’s a personal emotional understanding behind the lyrics without it being about anything or anyone in particular.
2) ‘A Dream Come True’– This track is your typical unrequited tale of love between two best friends. He loves her, but she doesn’t know that. Very simple, quite cliché, but they’re my favourite type of songs to write. A Modern Age Mariners classic, ‘Let Me Know’ had a very similar story behind it.
3) ‘Getting Over You’
– I wrote this entire song in under 30 minutes. I was inspired by The Fray’s Greatest Hits Album and I wanted to write a more upbeat-anthem-type-of-song that you would turn up loud on your speakers and sing along to. I love this song, and I feel that it achieved everything that I had hoped for it in terms of its sound and tone.
4) ‘Fallen’
– This is all about a relationship in crisis. I imagined myself as a character, someone who was up late at night, alone, drinking and smoking his night away as he panicked about what he was going to do to save their relationship.Adam Sale EP (March) The effects of the keyboard part and the backing vocals help provide this sense of distance between the speaker and his conscious that I wanted to express.
5) ‘All I’m Asking’– Anyone who saw The MAM play in Aber,will know that this is the song that I genuinely used to ask my girlfriend, Alicia, whether she’d like to ‘be my girl?’. Luckily I was saved the embarrassment and she said yes, and almost 4 years on we are still very happy and live together in Birmingham. This version of the song is stripped back, focusing more on the romantic lyrics and melody of the song.
6) ‘By The Time I’m 23’– This song is about where I want to be by the time I’m 23. Currently I have completed the first half of the song and at 21 I still have two years to make it all come true! This version of the song is much more rock based then it was with The MAM, providing it more energy and attitude. Always a fun one to perform.’

So why have you titled it as “The Dawn EP”?

‘As you’ve probably already have guessed, the dawn is the beginning of each day, the rise of the sun. I’m hoping that this EP marks the very beginning of a very exciting new career journey of me.’

Oh great. Did the EP Launch event go well then? Have you got anything else planned?

‘The EP Launch was a fantastic evening. I was joined by 30 of my closest friends and family, who joined me in Adam Sale EP (March)celebrating the start of this new chapter in my life. I felt that it was one of the strongest performances to date. The 2017 Summer was supposed to be filled with small-time festival slots, however it seems that I was too late in applying so I have missed out on many opportunities that I had hoped for. It’s annoying as I physically wasn’t able to apply any earlier due to the March release date of the EP. However, I do have a few festival slots lined up, so do keep an eye out on Adam Sale Music’s social media pages (Links at the bottom of the interview). I’m also hoping to visit Aber in the summer, and I will try to hit the promenade with my guitar, busking away in the sun for a few hours. Like the good ol’ days!’

Bits of Advice:

1) ‘Never give up, keep your head up and screwed on, focus on what you want for yourself and not on what other people want from you. It’s your life, live it your way.’
2) ‘As long as you’re moving forward, it doesn’t matter at what speed that is, forward is great. Keep at it and eventually you will get there’
3) ‘Be careful who you trust, unfortunately a lot of people are out solely for themselves and if you don’t have your wits about you they will take you for granted. I made this mistake a couple of times this year and it really knocked me back.’

As well as your Music, you enjoyed both acting and sport back in Aberystwyth. Are you still involved with these?

‘Unfortunately, I decided that I’d put my theatre antics behind me, learning from my experiences but no longer looking for new challenges to take on. Theatre covered a large amount of my time in Aberystwyth, performing and directing in many plays for the Nomadic Players society, who I was Vice President for in my 2nd Year. I also wrote, directed Adam Sale EP(March)and independently put on an original musical called ‘If Only’ in my final year. This was the biggest theatrical challenge of them all, the experience will stay with me a long time.
As for sport, upon deciding to take the leap and pursue a career in Music, it became clear to me that the risks of breaking any bones, especially an arm, would completely jeopardise any chance for me to practice and perform. So after 12 years of playing all 3 forms of Rugby at a highly competitive standard I brought it to an end when I left Aberystwyth. However, I did set myself the personal challenge of completing a marathon for the first time, and I wanted to do it under 4 hours. After 5 months of brutal training, 6 days a week, I completed the Florence Marathon in 3:31:10. One of my proudest personal achievements to date! Music has had to take priority over everything else otherwise I would sadly be decreasing my chances of success.’

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wow! I am so glad to hear Adam’s continuing with his music and with more focus than ever, over in Birmingham. I really enjoyed listening to THE DAWN EP! I found he expressed his experience and imagination with great words, a brilliant combination of numerous instruments and various vocal additions. “Evil Eyes” and “Getting Over You” have great power, with upbeat choruses leading to a more relaxed section, prior to a final up tempo, loud finale adding a sense of drama. With “A Dream Come true” and “Fallen” I feel he’s really captured the emotions of the stories, steady and strong, with a slowly growing DSC_0033_smalleressence, adding interesting variety. Then “All I’m Asking” is pure sweetness with a relaxing melody, leading to serious upbeat determination in “By The Time I’m 23.” So go on… see what you think and have a listen, look and like!!

Access Adam Sale’s The Dawn EP through Soundcloud or Bandcamp below:

Follow Adam Sale Music’s progress through social media here:

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RM presents @ CARMARTHEN!

Last year, around Christmas time I fancied a cawl for lunch, so went to the Park Lodge in Carmarthen. After a chinwag with the staff, I found out they have summer entertainment, activities and more outside, so gave them a business card and asked to get involved. Since this, I have been networking, booking acts and creating various extras, so am very excited to announce the following!!

MAY 13th Lost Like Alice and more
JUNE 10th Garin Fitter, Lawrence Lewis and more
JUNE 24th Benrig and more
AUGUST 5th Three Legg’d Mare and more
AUGUST 12th Danielle Lewis (tbc) and more
AUGUST 26th The Adventures of Bert & Henry, News From Nowhere and Lucy (tbc)

So it’s going to be great, with extra activities around the stage, ranging from sports to vintage vehicles and more. This all being by a kiddies park and of course, a cafe for your cup of tea!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
At Aradgoch, having found out about a potential summer full of entertaining activities, arad goch next year (1)I was extremely excited to be involved in a discussion, during which we all came up with numerous ideas.
Hearing that ‘A Far Old Line’ had been given the go ahead, I wanted to see what they had decided to bring to Aberystwyth, so attended the launch event. Whilst everyone arrived I enjoyed busking with Kieran Bagnall, Will Hardman and Laszlo Xavia, before we all sat to listen to the project plans and incentive. We were then given the chance to learn the dance! This dance is going to be integrated into the event, to be held between 21st July and 6th August. There will be many exciting activities,  ranging from art, music, storytelling, big sand creations and more! There are some great opportunities to become involved, such as assisting back stage, dancing and singing, whilst spreading the fantastic experience across the community and further. So if you would like more information or are keen to get involved then please get in touch! #jointhejourney

Aradgoch (01970617998/ goch.jpgThanks!
Em @ RM


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