LOST LIKE ALICE’S latest happenings.

LOST LIKE ALICE played at a gig we arranged for Big Ideas Wales in March and then outside at Carmarthen in May.
With great originals performed as a duo and solo, I was keen to know what else they had on the way. Ben then mentioned his plans to launch an EP, which made me even more excited! Since which, he has done loads of events here and there that I have lost count, so is time to find out how things have been and what to look forward to.

Wow, you have been really busy since we met. Have you got a favourite gig experience?

“This year I’ve been busier than I have ever been, and have had so many incredible gigs and crowds to play to. Each one always becomes my favourite. Last night, (July 8th) I played Llanrwst Rising alongside the band ‘The Storyville Mob’. I had such a warm welcome and had the time of my life playing there. Each one is always special in a certain way.”

How did you record your songs? Collaboration involved or?
“My latest ep ‘Thread’ came out last month. I recorded the songs working very closely with Paul Demarco who produced the ep, and recorded parts of it all over the place. In my living room, my local village hall and in a caravan. I feel that studios can feel a bit robotic and structured sometimes so found it really helped recording in a very chilled/comfortable environment. I also worked closely with Ryan Hughes who played the drums on the majority of the ep. There is also a song called ‘Better Days’ on the ep that I wrote with my Dad.”

Gig -.jpg

What do they all mean?
“For me songwriting Is a very honest and open thing. Everything I sing about is something that I’ve felt/experienced, and this selection of songs feel like a part of me, as they remind me of a certain point in my life whether it be good or bad. I could easily go into specifics about what each song is about and what it represents but I feel that each listener will take something unique from the songs and they should be left to interpretation.”

You have films on the way right? How did you get it done?
“I’ve been working really hard on creating some video content for each of the songs on the ep. I travel quite a lot and wanted to try to capture the places that I go to. A few were filmed on Anglesey which is my home, also did some filming in Manchester where I visit a lot to see family and for gigs. I will be realising all the videos over the next few months, with the first coming out next week.”

Do you have intentions of more gigs, more recording or?
“I’m very busy for the rest of the summer with gigs and festivals in North Wales, Manchester and all over. I have been writing a lot of new stuff recently and am now in talks with Paul Demarco to start the next recording process in September, to then put out new music at some point next year.”

3 of your latest realisations!
“Three of my latest realisations: the first would be that I am very very lucky to do what I do, I’m a full time musician and although at times it’s hard, I wouldn’t change it for the world. The support I have from my family is phenomenal and couldn’t do it without them.
The second would be that I am still growing as a musician and a songwriter, and feel there’s still a lot of ground for me to cover.
The third would be that music is such a powerful thing. It’s universal, a language everyone understands and I’m so proud to somehow be a part of that.” 

Well well well… I am so glad to hear LOST LIKE ALICE is still going for it, doing more and more with his music and enjoying it even if there are difficult moments. With anything there is the odd challenge or hick up, but taking it all on a step at a time, learning along the way, is way better than not bothering at all ey.EP - Thread
After a listen to “THREAD” I can’t pick a favourite, as they are all awesome. “I Won’t Wait” has a great heavy beat with a fairly serious vibe yet heartfelt element. Strong chorus prior calmer end that adds diversity. “Better Days” has an awesome subtle start with vocals and guitar, then adding depth by numerous elements and great drums, it all builds up to an amazingly strong section, before a chilled ending. “Empty Tank” is really steady with a sense of mystery and questioning, utilising various instrumental and extra vocal elements, which all add power throughout. Then again using the steady vibe it creates a conclusion of confusion. “The Heat” starting out with a radio like buzz adds a sense of news. Then has depth with great guitar elements, before a calm bit prior the ending of enormous power suggesting a difficult situation that needs an answer. “Give And Take” is another really steady song with a calm vibe via instrumental and vocal depth. Finishing on “Thread” the name of the EP is a great example of structure and steadily building up to an extremely tough chorus and more. With extra vocals and instruments adding bits of depth here and there it just gets better and better! So yeah overall am blown away….. have a listen, look and like sesh!!

WEBSITE: lostlikealiceofficial.com
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2eoyrkReb90eRyDyG8p5i4
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxV92qh5OK0AkKMGkMr1Vig
FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/lostlikealicemusic/

Here is a LIVE version of “THERE” at Carmarthen!

Em @ RM


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