PLATFORM 1 and their whereabouts.

When I did the first RM gig (August 2013) at Rafa Club in Aberystwyth, PLATFORM 1 performed an awesome set as a duo. Then a few years passed and they sprung back on my list, getting a slot at Carmarthen on the 31st May, now as a trio.merge.pngIt was so good to see them again and hear they are doing more, so I thought it be brilliant to know what they have been up to and what we can look forward to. Here is the latest!

Have you enjoyed summer gigging?
“Yes, we’ve had a great summer gigging.We’ve been really busy playing a variety of gigs from pubs to small festivals across Wales and England. Our highlight of the year has been Radnor Fringe festival held in Llandrundod Wells, a great, intimate festival with fantastic music and comedy.”

Radnor Fringe Fest - June.jpg

Now with a bassist are you getting your latest tracks recorded?
“We’ve been busy recording some of our older tracks at our home studio since march, it’s been a bit slow over the summer as we’ve been busy gigging (and probably partying too much), but we hope to have 3 of our new songs recorded and ready to go by the end of August.” 

What are they called and about?
“Petty Lies that’s about the struggles of maintaining a relationship. Help Me See about wondering if you’ve made the right choices in life and Out of Hand about being unable to help yourself out of a difficult situation”

Do you have a tour planned?
“We haven’t planned a tour yet to be honest. It’s not something we’ve really thought about too much, we’ve generally just taken any gig we can get. However, in November we’re moving to Bristol together as it has a great music scene and makes travelling to venues in other cities a lot more viable. So hopefully, we can plan a tour over the winter ready for spring next year.”

radio gig

Wow Bristol cool! Bet you will meet down there. What about a drummer? Would you like to add some percussion?
“We’ve wanted to add percussion to our live performances for a while now, but haven’t been able to find a drummer yet. Thankfully, our extremely talented bassist can also play the drums, so we’ve been able to have percussion on our studio recordings. Once we move to Bristol we’re hoping we’ll be able to find a drummer fairly easily.”

Do you like to write based on a meaning or just let it happen randomly?
“We’ve generally written about things that have happened to one of us or someone we know. Martha started to write the lyrics early on and inevitably as a teenager they were all triggered about an event e.g. “Hit Send” about an unpleasant text, “A to C” about the pressures of exams, “Why do you have to go” about a friend leaving the area but now we collaborate. But if you listen to the lyrics the words can and do apply to many situations that we all have to deal with. With collaboration our songs are becoming less about a specific event and more about general life for all of us, or a view of life in general e.g. – “Misconceptions” and “Petty lies”.

2nd may.jpg

I am so glad to hear PLATFORM1 are still out and about and bet it has been brilliant now with a bassist and the chance to work on the songwriting together adding different elements. I will definitely be checking Randor Fringe out as love bit of comedy and music together #C&M ahah.
After a listen to a couple on soundcloud I feel “LEAVE THIS HOUSE NOW” has a lovely subtle use of cymbals and guitar at the start, leading to steady singing with regular instrument focused breaks and adjustments towards the end adding variety. “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO” has a steady pattern with a catchy chorus. Then all steadily progressing with an instrumental part, which all leads to a break again questioning… why? All of which shows a great way of simple and steady, yet still catchy and encouraging a jig.
So overall, I’m really excited to see what the future brings. Bet it will be brilliant living in Bristol, a place where there is a strong music scene. Hope all goes well and fingers crossed you find a drummer to tap away too! Below are their gig dates and links, so go on…. have a look, listen and like sesh!

21st  July –  ‘Forest Folk and Roots’,  The College  Arms  Bar in Cranfield
23rd  July –  British  Ironwork  Centre ,  Oswestry
5th  August  –  New Quay  Music  Festival
9th  August –  The Railway  Inn, Newnham
12th August –  Brecon Fringe Festival ( Brecon  Tap restaurant), 7:30pm
13th  August –  Edge  Festival,  Solva
25th –  27th August  –  HUB Festival , Cardiff (exact date to be confirmed)
17th  September –  Mold  Food &  Drink  Festival,  1pm
23rd  September  –  Narberth  Food  Festival,  11.30am
24th  September  –  Cwm  Fest, Cwmaman, 6:30pm
9th November – ‘Upstairs at the Unicorn’,  Pontypool


Em @ RM


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