LUCY JONES’s first single, “Too Good”, is out now!!

LUCY JONES has been sharing numerous amazing songs, including ‘Going Home’ from ‘Waiting For Love”, at pubs, gigs and festivals for many years now. I then booked her at Carmarthen Park Lodge back in August (2017), alongside Danielle Lewis, and was absolutely blown away! Since which, she’s supported Lucy Spraggan at Sin City Swansea and performed at James Kirby’s tour alongside, recording a new single “Too Good” (launched 9th March), so I had to get in touch, have a listen and find out more.

Lucy Jones carms

I remember you saying last year about University options, but due to your music and the support received, you wanted to focus on that. I am so glad you decided on this and have done some official recording. What made this come about?
“Well, I’ve been writing songs extensively for the last 4 years and decided that I wanted to start releasing them. I wrote ‘Too Good’ back in October 2017, some of which was written back home in Pembrokeshire and then some in London. I had an idea that I had been working on that I felt could do with someone else’s ears to help me put together all my lyrical and melodic ideas. So I took the idea to Matt Wills – a friend of mine that’s also an artist and writer. The song really wrote itself and I’m really pleased with how it came out. It was a real pleasure to work with him again on the song and to really bring our ideas for it together.”

Oh right, so why this song as the single?
“It’s really just a feel good song for the summer. It just seemed really apt for where I’m at and a good starting point I think for my journey in releasing music. I feel like it really represents the singer, songwriter in me alongside the ever prevalent pop inspo that is really present in modern day music.”postersAhhh brilliant, so has it got a meaning/ story?
“It’s really a female empowerment song. For me it’s that idea of being too good for someone or something and reminding them what they’ve missed out on. Knowing your worth and realising you deserve better.”

Female empowerment for the win. Was recording it in London a memorable experience?
“Yeah “Too Good” was written and recorded in Matt’s lounge in North London. The relationship between me and Matt came super naturally to be fair. Around a year ago I covered one of his songs, which he then stumbled upon and brought me up from Wales to London to do some writing. So the whole process of writing, recording and getting the song together and out has been a super chilled and a really lovely one.”

Awesome, have you got any plans to do some more?
“Most definitely! The idea of releasing this first single was really in the hope that I’d be able to release more. Like I mentioned previously, I’ve been constantly writing over the last few years which means I’ve developed quite a number of songs that I’d like to release.  It’ll just be a case of narrowing it down and putting them out, which I’m insanely excited for. I’m excited to see what people think to it.”
Lucy Jones xmas 2017

Yay, glad to hear that! Also really excited to see you live again. Where are you next?
“I have a lovely gig coming up on the 24th April at the Torch Theatre, Milford Haven – supporting The Phonics.  I have a couple of welsh festivals this year too which I’m excited about one being the Rudry Music Festival on the 14th July and the Big Cwtch Fest on the 1st September. I’ll be posting more info on them closer to the time over on my socials (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) @LUCYJONESMUSIC, so if anyone fancies finding out more about them – that’s the place to go.” 

Any words of inspiration?
“Practise, Practise, Practise!”

I’m so pleased to hear it’s going well for Lucy, with recording alongside Matt Wills and numerous gigs at the ready. “Too Good” is truly amazing! It definitely expresses a confidence of standing up to something/ someone in the way and being better. With an upbeat summer vibe it makes me want to get dancing and laughing with mates. It has great balance of drums, guitar, backing vocals and more along with her powerful voice and amazing catchy chorus. So come on peeps lets all woooooooo along. Have a listen and/or purchase on Spotify, ITunes and Apple Music. Go onnnnn get on it!

“TOO GOOD” on spotify!!
Tweet – @lucyjonesmusic
Instagram – @lucyjonesmusic

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Thanks for reading. Next week is about Alice Signal Fires and a new RM Unplugged film sesh!! #excited 😀

RM Unplugged @ Commodore

Em @ RM


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