BRIONY must get recording!

I met BRIONY Sayer for the first time when helping out with the Oxjam (Aberystwyth) and she played some awesome songs at The Pier. She then joined us on the Vale Of Rheidol and at Bar46 for Sound Monkeys tour. Now with words of recording on the to do list, I had to hear more!DSC_0176.JPG

Hiya, you sing a wide variety at gigs and have a couple originals on soundcloud. Are you planning to officially record soon?
“I’ve actually got quite a few original songs done and finished – writing is one of my favourite things – but I always seem to run out of money or time when it comes to needing to get them recorded! It’s so difficult trying to balance time between getting a degree done and finding somewhere to record music that really gets your vibe. I don’t have my own set up (at the moment) but I’m hoping to record a few more soon! I’ve got a couple that are a little different for me, rather than acousticy/folky/poppy they’re a little more electronic and I’m really enjoying it! I think you’re always super influenced by the music you listen to – I think it would be impossible not to be – so I think it’s important that the music you write reflects personality and mood changes!”

22538597_351584268623651_33179562456836560_o.pngBrilliant, so what would you like the next EP/ Album to be called?
“So far I have ‘Home’ which is under production, but I’d like my next one to have a few more of my newer, different songs in, so I’d like the title to be something a little less settled and rooted, if that makes sense. Maybe I’ll use one of the titles of the new tracks, Heartbreaker, or Fool.”

Oooo all sound catchy. Homes often create roots. Have you always enjoyed music? “Music has always been a huge part of my life, I played guitar from a really young age, and have also played drums, piano, cello and, more recently, ukulele. I think I’ve always loved creating and music really gave me an outlet to be able to do that. It DSC_0166wasn’t really until later on that I got really into exploring different genres of music, but because music is so accessible now I think it’s so easy to find the perfect song for every mood. For me music and art is about making you feel something or making you think and I think not only listening to other people’s music, but also putting your stuff out there in the world is really rewarding –  to be able to make other people feel things (hopefully) is a really beautiful opportunity.” 

Definitely great to share. Who would you say have been the most influential artists then?
There are so many artists that have been influential. KT Tunstall has always been someone I’ve adored, as well as Newton Faulkner, and Laura Marling. At the moment I’m loving Sigrid – the really laid back way she sings and the way her songs are so effortless is inspiring and beautiful.

KT and Newton all the way! Do you have a favourite gig so far?
“I think that’s always a difficult one – you like different gigs for different reasons. I think DSC_0030probably the favourite gig I’ve played was one of my first ever gigs – at a music festival in the north. I just think you never forget the first proper paid gig you do – also there’s something about playing to an audience who clearly aren’t there to see you (in my case they were there for the beer) slowly get interested and enjoy your set.”

Early days ey. Aha. Got any more to look forward to?
“Not currently. I’m hoping to busk a lot over summer though in my home town – and I might hit up some open mic nights too!”

Go for it! What’s your favourite colour?
“Definitely that really ‘oil-slick’ blue”

Am waiting for a ‘oil-slick blue’ t-shirt collection then. Aha. Any 3 words of inspiration?
“Resilient. Kind. Strong.”


So it’s sounding like the ideas are there with Briony, but slow progress at the moment. I understand the pressures of Uni with set deadlines, alongside scraping the pennies together to save for recording. But yeah must get it done, as with a listen to a couple past singles I am hooked. ADRENALINE JUNKIE basically recorded, yet a lovely vocal range and guitar pattern with a catchy beat, overall making me want to get tap along. Suggesting a draw to getting adrenalised, by just jumping into something that’s otherwise avoided, due to perception of it being too risky. Then there’s “HOME” a steadier guitar rhythm, with amazingly potent vocals, all leading to a great taping part. Extending the word home after the mention of fear, really does make me think of the roots we feel more settled in. All then suggesting its better to still solve something even if messy. Ending with an amazing high range vocal oooooo, another chorus and then ending on slower pattern truly captures the various elements. Over all brilliant, making me think of a live lounge session merge of elements from the likes of Birdy, London Grammar and Lucy Spraggan. So yeah, I can’t wait to hear more from Briony. I hope she enjoys the busking, gig gigs and of course gets recording! Go on, have a listen and keep eyes open for more.


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Waheysss up next week are some words from SONNY PURSALL about his latest!

Em @ RM


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