CROSSLIGHT and Road To Recovery.

CROSSLIGHT formed back in 2016 at Nottingham. Since which have released “Kingdom Is Mine” and this year a whole album ROAD TO RECOVERY. I had to see how it been going and have a listen.

Hello, so how did you all get together as a band?
“Meeting on Join My Band, I (Joe) met Dan and Tom who had just left another band after a falling out. We met up for practice along with Charlotte and we just clicked! We then recruited Luke as a second guitarist however after a few months Tom had to return home to York and after careful consideration we decided to rename and re-brand as a 4 piece.”

Wow that’s great. Been working on your album for a while then?
“It’s been over 2 years in the making, some of the songs are from the original line up, some of the songs were written late autumn last year!”

Amazing. What inspired the songs?
“Through all our difficulties and struggles with mental illness in our lives. The album tells a story of how each of us got through the toughest patches of our lives and made it through the other side. The first half of our album tells the story of the obstacles put in our path, through dark times in our lives, whereas the second half of the album tells the story of getting through those and becoming better, stronger people.”


A path of life for sure. Where did you record?
“We recorded half at BSV studios and after they shut down the studio we recorded the other half at 7HZ Audio with Tristan Hill (what a guy!) who also remixed and remastered the previous 6 songs for us.”

Awesome. Was it a brilliant experience?
“It was incredible! We couldn’t have asked for a better engineer!”

crosslight album.jpg

Haa great stuff! Got any gigs coming up now then?
“We have gigs at the Old Sal in Nottingham on 25th May, then we go to the Maze also in Nottingham on June 14th then we kick off our summer tour headlining the Loud in London festival on August 3rd.”
Am so glad to hear that even with previous band splitting up, a loss of guitarist and a closed studio, CROSSLIGHT have managed to start afresh and get ROAD TO RECOVERY album released! They are great rock and roll, up beat, thrashing band, reminding me of “In This Moment”, “Bullet For My Valentine” and “Evanescence”. Across all tracks they have used a great balance of varied instruments, powerful vocals and express true emotions.  “Recovery” and “Run into Flowers” and “Clockwork” so catchy with upbeat chorus’s that make me want to sing along and get jiggy with it. “100,000 miles” making out it is better to carry on, being very encouraging. “Submerge” proper bold moments with a flip to  steady vibe throughout. “Just a Kiss” has a unique rap addition makes and  “Drive On” is really steady and capturing. So ya, they are all amazing! Have a watch and/ or listen sesh!!


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 Thanks for reading. More to come.
Em @ RM

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